Custom precast
concrete plunge pools


Our Streamlined Process

Our cutting-edge manufacturing process of precast concrete plunge pools are the first of their kind, giving you the fastest, easiest, and highest quality concrete pool on the market. By re-engineering the concrete pool building process and perfecting the installation of plunge pools, we’ve streamlined both production and on-site build times.

By reinventing the complicated pool construction process through controlled manufacturing and logistics, we’ve streamlined a procedure that would often take 4-6 months. Instead, we can have your pool delivered and installed in as little as 4 weeks, with less mess and for less money. It’s really that simple.

Outline of our custom design process, which takes about 4-6 weeks:

    • Understand your goals for your pool & outdoor living space.
    • Select the best plunge pool, equipment, and upgrades to meet your needs.
    • Provide a proposal with installation timelines and costs.
    • Design a site plan* customized for your space.
    • Coordinate the site prep and delivery of your pool.
    • Manage the finishing touches needed to complete your backyard space.
    • Fill it with fresh water and toast to your new plunge pool!

*Detailed site plans can incur additional fees.

plunge pool max


1. Choosing Your Plunge Pool


If you’re still unsure, click here to see what we offer. We can quote you for the supply & delivery of your plunge pool, as well as the supply & plumbing services for any equipment you choose. Check out our gallery for inspiration!

Plunge Pool with a Pup
Plunge Pool with Turf

2. Location


One of the first decisions we’ll make in the design of your new plunge pool and backyard space is location. It’s important for us to understand where you’ll want it placed as this influences cost, stylistic choices, and depth potential.

3. Installation Options


After we’ve learned more about location preferences, we’ll decide which of the 3 installation options is ideal for your plunge pool: in-ground, above-ground, or semi-recessed. Click any name to learn more about each and the benefits they provide!

Plunge Pool at Night Overlooking a Lake
Plunge Pool at a Modern Ranch

4. Look, Style, & Depth


The look and style of your pool can be customized by the installation depth you choose. The location and depth of your pool both play a role in the overall ease and cost of your site preparation, with factors such as excavation and soil removal being important deciders.

Once these initial decisions are made, you’ll be amazed at how efficiently we move through the process of bringing your new backyard space to life!

5. Site Preparation


With the plans and pool order complete, we’ll break ground and prepare for your Serenity Plunge Pool’s arrival. Some of the preparation includes excavation, grading, concrete work, plumbing, and electrical. Once your yard is prepared to accept the pool, a crane sets it into place.

Every plunge pool must sit on a pre-engineered concrete slab footing, specifically designed to fit the particular soil type of the site. Additional site works include the earth excavation and soil removal if the pool is going in-ground or semi-recessed.

In Ground Plunge Pool in a Backyard
Max Size Plunge Pool Going Into a Backyard

6. Plumbing & Electrical


Every plunge pool is supplied with pre-fitted primary plumbing fixtures which includes the skimmer box and provisions for filtration.

The pool also requires a plumb-up service to connect the general filtration equipment to these pre-fitted provisions.

7. Backfill


If the plunge pool is being installed in-ground or semi-recessed, the over excavated area of the footing will need to be backfilled with a granular material that will allow for drainage away from the footings.

Plunge Pool Above Ground
Plunge Pool Coping

8. Finishings


One of the many advantages of a plunge pool is its ability to be finished to any project design or aesthetic. Once the pool has been installed, the following finishing features can be completed to personalize any project:

  • Coping Tiles
  • Waterline Tiles
  • Fencing
  • Decking
  • Paving
  • Landscaping

9. Fill & Startup


Once the plunge pool has been finished to the desired standard, the pool can be filled & chemically balanced.

Plunge Pool with Deck Extension
Above Ground Plunge Pool in a Backyard Birds Eye View

10. Swim into Summer


After a few last observations, your pool will be fully ready for you to swim in and experience the unlimited relaxation and enjoyment a plunge pool can provide you with. Ready to build your dream pool? Contact us and check out our financing options!