Enjoy your pool in weeks – not months when you choose Serenity Pools.

We’re here to make your dream pool simpler than ever with financing options, installation in as little as 4 weeks, & custom depths, styles, & looks!

The Fastest, Easiest, and Highest Quality Concrete Pools in East Tennessee

By deconstructing and re-engineering the concrete pool building process, we’ve streamlined both production and on-site build times. Plunge pools are exploding in popularity for so many reasons. A plunge pool’s smaller size fits in almost any outdoor living space, and both installation and maintenance are easier and less costly than full-sized pools. A Serenity Plunge Pool gives you relaxation, unlimited enjoyment, and a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space all year long.

Find the Perfect
Plunge Pool for You

Studio 12ft x 7ft
Studio | 12ft x 7ft

Studio has been designed specifically for smaller spaces and the perfect solution for your front yard or inner-city living. At 12ft x 7ft, the Studio delivers practicality by way of design with more than 20 square feet worth of bench space.

Original 15ft x 8ft
Original | 15ft x 8ft

This precast concrete plunge pool is our most popular design, finding its way into backyards all over the world. Tried and tested using key design principles, the Original 15ft x 8ft delivers instant lifestyle value to a home and encourages more time spent outdoors.

Max 20ft x 10ft
Max | 20ft x 10ft

The world’s largest monolithic pre-cast concrete swimming pool, the Max delivers style by way of design and functionality. At 20ft x 10ft, this swimming pool-sized plunge pool is the largest of our range and is perfect for larger families or anyone looking for extra fun and relaxation out of their pool.

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